Summer Music

Welcome to Summer Music Workshops and Lessons with Marc S. Donnelly in Silver Spring, MD!

Summer is an excellent time for students to polish their music skills, learn a new instrument, take composition or theory lessons, or learn an alternative style of playing, without competing academic schedules. This is a great opportunity to explore a new musical interest and the possibility for significant growth and enjoyment. Summer schedules also tend to be more varied with family trips and other summer activities. It is with this in mind that I am excited to offer flexible summer workshops and lessons for budding musicians, whatever their area of interest or background.

Areas of Study:

    • Piano
    • Voice
    • Conducting

Possible Workshops:

    • Music Composition
    • Music Theory
    • Theory for Singers
    • Keyboard for Worship
    • Improvisation
    • Or personally customize any mix of these!


Private Piano, Voice, or Conducting Tuition (7 lessons from June through August)

60 minute lessons – $500

45 minute lessons – $400

30 minute lessons – $300


Individual Workshop Tuition (7 lessons from June through August)

60 minute class – $500


Group Workshop Tuition  (7 lessons from June through August)

60 minute class – $275 (minimum of 3 registered students)


Additional Benefits of Summer Registration

    • Schedule lessons around vacations without worrying about make-ups
    • Summer students keep up their skills for fall semester lessons
    • Summer students have first pick over academic year lesson time slots
    • Regular tuition rates are reduced for summer study, providing flexibility and affordability