Student Resources

10 Things you should do before your child begins piano lessons
This article is geared toward parents who are thinking of starting piano lessons for their child. It has great advice on how to acclimate a child to the instrument and prime her or him for success!

15 Tips For Fast-Tracking Your Family’s Musical Development!
This is another article from the author above. Very useful information for parents whose students have recently begun lessons.

Piano Technicians Guild: Online Games and Activities
This website has a lot of very reliable information on it and some fun activities.

Making Music Fun
There are ample games for younger students, information about composers, and some free music on this page.

There are some great long term practice motivation games, including “Musikopoly” and “This Is Your Brain On Music.”

Music Theory Help
Great practice website for music theory. There are many practice modules that can be completed and printable music theory exams for assessment.

Music Theory Exercises has wonderful collection of short and manageable theory lessons, but the practice exercises are plentiful and great for at home practice!