Great things are happening!

2014 is here and I am happy to say that it is off to a great start. I especially want to congratulate all my singers on a wonderful job in our concerts! The piano students have been making great progress as well, and you are showing great progress. I have started art lessons and am [...]

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Practice and performance, not performance practice

Please excuse the not very clever pun in the tittle; I will leave performance practice for another time. I wanted to take a moment to discuss how practice relates to performance, progress, and overall enjoyment of developing a musical (or any other non-musical) skill. I have students working on recitals, performances at their schools, graded [...]

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On Fear

First, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. May the new year bring you the utmost happiness. I have heard of a number resolutions lately. That prompted me to think about what mine should be. I have never been one to wait for a new year or a new day to [...]

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On Virtue

Thoughts on Virtue – For All Aspects of Life So the saying goes, money is the root of all evil. Have you stopped to consider the root of all good? As the month of vacation drew on, I had time for an intense reflection on life and the good and bad that are inexorably tied [...]

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On Torture

Matt Lauer asks the former president to explain the decision to allow torture in a post-911 world. Lauer, “Why do you say that waterboarding is legal?” Bush, “Because the lawyers said it’s legal.” I think someone is missing an important part of the issue here. This sentence is the crux of his defense for the [...]

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